An opportunity for fledglings or Mediums wanting to gain experience or confidence in platform work.
At North Oxford Christian Spiritualist Church we are very proud of our fledglings; not just for the time they give to progress their learning, but the love and dedication they give to working with trust to progress their learning and working with spirit in love, light and truth.

In honor of those both here and in spirit that come together to work, sharing messages and evidence of love ones and the knowledge and experience they share with us, we have decided to run an Open Platform Evening on the first Friday of every month.

Our first Open Platform Evening will be on Friday 7th September 2018
Entry cost of 3.00 per person, with all monies going directly to the Church Fund.

Church doors will open at 7:00pm for a prompt 7:30pm start.
As always, please arrive promptly so as not to disturb those endeavoring to communicate and convey messages.

All are welcome. If you would like to experience Mediumship first hand, just observe those working with spirit, or maybe in the hope of receiving a message from a guide or loved one please come along and join us.Those wishing to experience or practice their Mediumship are welcome to come along and share the remarkable working energy we have within our sacred space. You can give one message or more, there is no pressure or expectation; other than you enjoy your time working with spirit in a supportive atmosphere.

Open Platform evenings will be run and overseen by our President, Caroline; who is herself an experienced working Medium with vast experience of platform work.

So come along and join us, we would be honored to have you working at our Church.

It is a legislative requirement that we offer a disclaimer. We would therefore ask that you please read the details on our Disclaimer page. Thank you.