We have expanded our range of healing resources, and ways in which you can request absent healing. To complement our Healing Book we have also introduced our Prayer Basket, and additional ways in which you can make use of this facility.

Divine Healing and Prayers are available to everyone, and at NOCSC we try to offer extensive means of accessing these.


At NOCSC all souls are of equal importance to us, as well as requests for friends, family and loved ones, we also welcome the addition of our much loved animal companions; who are also key members of our homes and families.


Hands on healing:
We have a team of qualified, experienced spiritual healers; all of whom are fully insured. They offer healing free of charge at the Church, available on request following our Tuesday services each week. If you would like healing please mention this to the chairperson before or after the service.

Healing Book:
If unable to attend the Church for hands on healing, absent healing is also available. We have a healing book, which is kept on the rostrum at the front of the Church. Anyone who attends our Church is welcome to add the name of the loved ones, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, who they would like to include in our healing prayers. These names are read out at the beginning of each service, along with our Healing Prayer. These prayers are also extended to those who have recently passed to spirit, sending love and light during their transition.


Healing requests by email:
We are very aware that there are times when healing prayers are most needed, but due to circumstances you are unable to attend the church to use the Healing Book. In these circumstances we welcome the addition of the name or names of those you wish to include by email. Please feel free to use our Contact Us page, or email us direct at northoxfordcsc@outlook.com; we will add the names to the Healing Book.

If you wish to request healing prayers but would prefer not to have the names read out to the congregation during our Healing Prayers we are happy to accommodate this. Please ensure you write 'Discreet' clearly at the start of your email message. Our healing prayers also include those for which healing is discreetly requested.

In addition to the names of those you wish to be included in our healing prayers you are also welcome to add Surnames, locations, and a brief description of the condition, if you wish. However if you only know (or wish to give) the First Name it will not diminish the healing request in any way.

Healing requests by post:

For those without access to email we also welcome requests by post; simply enclose a note detailing the names of those you wish to be included in our healing prayers and post it to us at: NOCSC, 11A Middle Way, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7LH.

Or, if you are passing the Church, but are unable to attend at services times, do please feel free to drop a note through our letterbox, with the name of those you would like included. Again, this request can be made for 'Discreet' healing prayers.

Healing and Healing Prayers are offered to all unconditionally, in love and light, and for the best possible outcome for those named. At NOCSC we welcome everyone, regardless of creed, religion or culture.


Prayer Basket:
To complement our Healing Book we have also introduced a Prayer Basket, which has proved to be a welcome addition. Please extend this invitation to your family, friends or colleagues, as it can be used for those difficult situations when; despite all of your best endeavours, additional assistance is sought to bring a conclusion.

Healing Prayer offerings are strictly private and confidential. Everyone is invited to use the basket; simply write your letter or prayer and address the envelope to Jesus; your god; your angels; the deity of your choice; the universal energy, or quite simply the Prayer Basket. Without ever being opened your offering will be included in our prayers for light, unconditional love, healing, and the best outcome for all concerned; and includes Prayer Basket offerings past and present.

Simply write your letter or prayer and enclose it in an envelope address to Prayer Basket, and place it in the basket situated on the rostrum at the front of the Church.

Prayer Basket offerings by post:

If you do not attend our church but would like to use the Prayer Basket you can post it to us addressed to The Prayer Basket at: NOCSC, 11A Middle Way, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7LH; or simply pop it through our letter box; where it will be collected and placed in the Prayer Basket.

Our only request is that your letter or prayer is written in love, positive intention, and for the best results of all concerned.

We invite everyone, regardless of creed, religion or culture to make use of our Prayer Basket.