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Love and abundant blessings to all for 2020.
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous year.
Gratitude to all our friends and visitors who have visited and
supported us throughout the year.
We welcome you all with open arms.

Our purpose is to provide a warm, welcoming environment to all those who seek evidence of the existence of life after death, and to offer compassion, comfort and support for those who have lost loved ones.

It is our aim to convey messages of love and hope and we are fortunate in having experienced, spiritual mediums who assist in our services and a dedicated team of spiritual healers who offer healing at our weekly services.

Our door is open to all of you who would seek, regardless of your own faith, creed or culture.
Our Services are held on Sunday evenings with clairvoyance at 6.30 pm and Tuesday evenings with clairvoyance and healing at 7.30pm.

Occasionally, we have clairvoyant evenings or workshops.
Please refer to our 'What's On and When' for full details of services and events at the Church, or 'Events and Workshops' for special workshops and clairvoyance nights,as well as a broader picture of what is happening locally or nationally.

Many Blessings
Mrs Caroline Cherry-Ellison